What to do on a short stay?

What to do on a short stay?

We don’t all have the privilege of taking long holidays, but that doesn’t mean you should give up all together on making holiday plans.


There are lots of fun activities that you could squeeze into a few days, even in just two days and one night. And here’s how!


Depending on whether you are flying into Tawau or driving into Semporna, the activities below can be switched and moved around depending on how much time you have.


Day 1

There are two ways we could go about Day 1.


Firstly, you could be super ambitious and arrive early to join the daily island excursions that leave at 9.00am daily. This would be best for anyone that has to leave early the next day. Get in touch with our reservation team if you want to do this and you can simply drop your bags at the office and head off to the islands. You will cover all the best parts today without risking on missing out tomorrow.


Secondly, take your time. Two days and one night doesn’t seem like a lot of time, because it isn’t. But you shouldn’t have to rush through it either.


Check-in, make yourself at home. Bask in the soft sheets, view of the water and watch the monkeys swing by. (No, seriously. They are macaques that live next door.)


d1.2Once done monkeying around, time to explore! Just a 10 minute drive from Scuba Tiger is Bukit Tengkorak, an archaeological site of the largest pottery making factory in Southeast Asia during the Neolithic period. Here you’ll find a museum with artefacts discovered within the area, as well as a short hike to the sites.


A link of wooden boardwalks will take you the top of the hill, with multiple viewpoints along the way. An easy hike that requires no more than comfy slippers or shoes, remember to bring a hat and sunscreen as most of the walkway is not shaded.


Once at the top, enjoy panoramic views of the distant islands and nearby villages.


After Bukit Tengkorak, head back for lunch at the seafood restaurant. A few of our favourites are Salted Eggy yolk deep fried squid and prawns, chilli crab, steamed grouper, Grilled Stingray in sambal, steamed clams in ginger and the list goes on and on. Just ask your waiter for a recommendation if you’re still spoiled for choice.


For some fun in the afternoon, take part in some of our water activities from flyboarding, to banana boats and jet skies, to get your adrenaline pumping.


When sunset rolls around, there are a few ways to enjoy it; at our sunset bar, on a boat or in the water.


Head to our sunset bar for beer on tap, wine and champagne. On Fridays we have live music to serenade us into the weekend, and fresh seafood for a dinner by the water.


But why just watch the sunset, when you can chase it. Take the Tigress out for a spin at sunset, where you’ll cruise along the Semporna Straits and into the light.


For divers, descend onto our house reef at twilight. Where nocturnal creatures come out to play.


d2.1Day 2

Rise and shine!


For those who can bear the ungodly hours of 6.00am, we highly recommend getting up for sunrise. Make yourself a cut of coffee or tea, and head over to our sun deck to welcome the day. Watch as the sun rise over the Semporna Straits, shifting from pastel to gold as the day comes in full bloom.


A little later in the morning, join our daily excursions departing at 9.00am which includes multiple island stops.


Mix and match your adventures with us by starting off with a morning hiking at Bohey Dulang, for panoramic views of the Tun Sakaran Marine Park followed by some diving in the afternoon and snorkelling during surface intervals.


Opt for a late check out if possible, or leave your bags at the office if you’ll be out on a full day of island excursion so don’t have to worry about checking out.




It is highly recommended that you have a surface interval of at least 12 hours before flying. And up to 18 hours after multiple dives.