The Scuba Tiger Experience is like no other. Not only do we specialize in underwater adventures, but we also offer the latest in innovative and exhilarating water sports. After a swim with the fishes, try flying with the birds! Strap into a flyboard and experience hydroflight as you float above the ocean waves using the latest in waterjet propulsion technology. And if you’re feeling bold, try surfing the ocean breeze on a cutting-edge hover board.


Scuba Tiger is the first and only resort in all of Borneo to offer flyboarding and hover boarding. This exclusive experience is guaranteed to take your aquatic adventures to the next level.

Who said a beach holiday has to be relaxing? And if you’re scared of heights, there’s always jet skiing, banana boat rides, and the flying banana. All of our water sport activities run from our jetty and are supervised and operated by trained professionals.

The Scuba Tiger Experience involves a lot more than just water sports. Browse our site for more adventures and activities, above water or below!