Congratulations! We’ve all made it to a whole new year. And given 2018, that’s no small feat!
So here we are again: that time known to publishers as “New Year, New You”, partly because they want to sell life-makeover books and partly because, well… alliteration! Let’s agree to disagree that “New Year, New You” is, to an extent, ludicrous. Why you ask? Well, for some interesting reasons – reasons worth grasping if you’d like to make a few lasting changes this year. The truth is, the only person who could successfully bring this New You into being that feckless, lazy, weak-willed, Facebook-addict, couch potato called Old You.

Behind the seductive attraction of “New Year, New You” lies another kind of mistake, too: the idea that what we require, in order finally to change, is one last push of determination – presumably, the hope is that the “January feeling” of fresh starts and clean slates will provide it. The notion is that you’re a bit like a heavy rock, perched on a hill above the Valley of Achievement and Productivity. All you need is a constant push to get you rolling. We can say that 2019 will be an exciting year for us. Let’s fill you in on some juicy details.

In with the New
While there’s a lot of memories and sentimental values to the existing Scuba Tiger structures, we are ready for a major facelift. We are proud to have entered into a joint venture with Ctrip and LvYue for the next 10 years in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing. With brand new 120 fitted rooms, a club house furnished with a bistro and gym, a dipping pool, pristine floating restaurant and sunset bar, Scuba Tiger Resort will be sold and marketed as Floral Scuba Tiger Resort beginning the first quarter of 2020; targeting 30,000 tourist arrivals per year. Huzzaahh!

We were thrilled to have been invited to Beijing for LvYue’s lavish annual party cum award ceremony earlier this month. Seeing their aggressiveness and passion in delivering impeccable numbers only made us hungry for the same. We’re all fired up to expand our crew and to open our doors to more opportunities.

Look Mum, We’re Famous!
Not forgetting to mention that we were also featured in a short Chinese drama, Exclusive Memory, which was aired mid-January. It is our best kept secret to date. It was no coincidence that during our short trip to China, the movie producer invited us to the studio to watch the first episode go live. Of course we weren’t content with just one episode – in between a whole load of drinks and delicious home cooked food, we managed to squeeze in three and a half episodes. Just to give you guys a little teaser, the story is about a third-year student who falls in love with her substitute teacher after discovering his true character. We will say no more than to want you to watch their love blossom in Episode 14 at the Tiger’s Den!

January is the first month of the rest of our year and whilst others may have one too many resolutions, our top priority is to see the expansion of the Den. We’re counting down the days to the breaking of grounds and welcoming our new and refined Scuba Tiger.