Take the plunge, but how?

Take the plunge, but how?

Whether you like to go head first into a 360 spin, slice the surface with your fins or belly flop, there is no ONE right way to enter the water but many different ways. Well except the belly flop though, don’t do that.
It all comes down to different factors really. Such as water conditions, depth, safety and situations to name a few.
But to get you started, here are the four basic entry methods you can choose from.

1. Wading.
Shimmy on down the beach for a shore dive by wading through the sand. The only entry method to entry a shore dive, simply don all your scuba gear, keep your fins in your hands, inflate your BCD slightly and walk towards the water in dramatic fashion. Shuffle your feet as you wade through the shallow water, stirring up the sand as you go to alert any creatures such as ray to swim away.

Shores can usually stretch from wonderfully sandy to suddenly rocky, so prepare dive boots for the walk into deeper swimming depths. Once you’ve reach chest depth, inflate your BDC fully and keep swimming till you’ve reach the dive spot. Alternatively, you can also descend and begin your dive, diving towards the dive site.

2. Giant Stride.
One small step for man, one splashing leap for mankind. Easier to do than getting to the moon, the giant stride is one of the easier methods of entry when on a large dive boat. With all your gear on, step onto the platform, inflate your BDC slightly so that you are positively buoyant and simple step off into the water. A misconception about giant stride is that you need to jump off and into water, but in fact, you only need to take a big step away from the boat. But the trick is to make it one giant leap as you’ll need to clear enough space so that your cylinder has smooth entry into the water as well.

3. Back Roll.
As with both boat entries, this and the giant stride, balance is a challenge. Suited up with the weight of everything on your back, back rolls can get a little tricky when having to balance of the edge of the dive boat. So be sure to have your buddy help you out or have a steady hand hold before rolling into the deep. Once balanced at the edge, keep your chin towards your chest and your right hand at the back of your head as to prevent smacking the back of your head to the top of your tank upon entry, hold your mask and regulators steady with your left hand and simply take a breath and roll in.

4. Seated.
Not much of a dramatic entrance as the rest, the seated entry is a modest but safe way to enter shallow water. After getting geared up, scoot onto the edge of the platform or boat and use both hands to push yourself into the water. With this entry, it’s important to remember to give yourself a shove off the edge in order to give ample space for the tanks to slide without banging into the edge on your way down.