Semporna is the kind of place where you can spot sea turtles from the boat, and where tropical fish linger around the jetty, so imagine what you can discover with a mask and snorkel! While scuba diving brings you up close and personal with life under the sea, you don’t always need a tank and respirator to experience Semporna’s underwater splendors.


With some of the highest concentrations of marine biodiversity in the world, and an abundance of shallow coral reefs, Semporna is a snorkeler’s paradise.

Our snorkeling trips are a blast! Spend the day on a boat, cruising around the archipelago through a seascape dotted with rustic stilted water villages. Gear up and jump in! Float through schools of kaleidoscopic fish, watch rays dart across the seafloor, and drift along with sea turtles in a warm ocean current. Also, we hope you like postcard-perfect islands wrapped in white-sand beaches, because we’ll need to stop somewhere for lunch!

The Scuba Tiger Experience involves a lot more than just snorkeling. Browse our site for more adventures and activities, above water or below!