Simple steps to reduce your carbon emission.

Simple steps to reduce your carbon emission.

The problems faced by the ocean isn’t as IN YO FACE as forest fires or melting glaciers, but rising water temperatures, coral bleaching, ocean acidification are threats that are all too real to the health of our oceans.

Yes these problems can seem larger than life and they are. How much of a difference can one person make? In truth, not much. But accumulatively, it will have a greater impact on the planet.

If each person takes full control of their life and surroundings by altering their own life, we are putting our individual efforts together and making a direct impact from where we are. We are not asking you to make drastic changes but practical ones that work according to your current situation.

Everyones got a hectic schedule and other problems that cloud their life, but minor changes we can afford to make is better than none. And sure, reducing our carbon emission can’t be done overnight, but if we commit to making some changes it’ll all be for the better.

Here are five steps to take today to get started:

  1. Car pool once a week or take public transport.
  2. Reduce usage of plastic. It’s the same song over and over, use less plastic. But plastic is still a problem, especially so in the ocean.
  3. Eat locally produced food, avoid the imported goods. Imported good take more resources to get to your dinner table, hence eat what grows closer to where to live.
  4. Eat less meat, with particular emphasis on meals containing beef and lamb. Cows and sheep emit large quantities of methane, a powerful global warming gas.
  5. Switch to LED lights. They are cheaper, more effective and use less electricity.