The Semporna Archipelago is synonymous with scuba diving, and is known for its extraordinary marine biodiversity that attracts underwater explorers worldwide. Located in Malaysian Borneo on the east coast of Sabah, Semporna sits on the edge of the Coral Triangle – a geographic region that covers less than 2% of the world’s oceans, yet contains over 75% of all known species of coral and over 3,000 species of fish.


Scuba Tiger is the only dive resort on mainland Semporna, with a central location that provides access to almost every island in the archipelago.

From Eel Garden off of Mataking Island, to Sipadan Island’s world famous Barracuda Point, there are countless dive sites to explore, and a never-ending parade of marine wildlife to discover. See a new reef everyday, and refill up the dive log with a long list of crazy creatures and colorful coral. We’ve got a house of reef too! Located just off our jetty, it’s great spot for night dives, with sunken bus and nearby sea cliff full of spectacular macro marine life.

The Scuba Tiger Experience involves a lot more than just scuba diving. Browse our site for more adventures and activities, above water or below!