Partner up and pucker up, it’s World Kissing Day.

Partner up and pucker up, it’s World Kissing Day.

Ducks may have been associated the pout, but we think fishes were the real OG. We’re looking for the best pair of puckers down under (the sea) on World Kissing Day, and we’re not making this up. It’s a real international holiday celebrated every July 6. Now grab some chapstick and let’s begin!

The yellow spotted boxfish may not have intended to be the reefs flashiest style icon but the higher powers had other ideas. An adorable little juvenile yellow boxfish is almost perfectly square, but as they get older their body becomes more elongated and their colour less bright. Something we can definitely relate too as we get older. Waltzing along the reef alone, they are solitary creatures that always seem to be whistling thanks to their perky peckers.


Coming in fast for a smooch, doesn’t the Pipefishes small tube-like mouth remind you of another? The Seahorse! Yes in some way, a pipefish does look like the awkward tall and slender cousin of a seahorse and upon checking, yes they are indeed both part of the Syngnathidae family along with pipehorses and seadragons. The name Syn-gna-thi-daeis is derived from the Greek word syn, meaning “fused” or “together”, and gnathus, meaning “jaws”. This fused jaw trait is something the entire family has in common.


Taking the cake for having the most luscious lips around the reef is none other than the Sweetlips. Just it’s name itself is a dead giveaway that none other can come close. Sweetlips are fascinating fishes as they change so drastically throughout their life. Juveniles look nothing like adult sweetlips as their colour and patterns change as they age. And as for their lips, well they do not grow into them but vice versa.