A short getaway is a great way to relax and unwind without having to take too much time off of work. Make your short vacation a success by following these three simple tips.

1. Create a travel plan
When you’re on a short vacay, it’s important to carefully plan your time. You don’t want to be missing out on something you really wanted to see now do you?

Typically, a good schedule will include directions, maps and important information of the places you’ll be visiting.
Spontaneity is fun when you’re travelling, but it doesn’t work well if you have a limited time in a place.
We suggest saving the spontaneous activities for longer trips and create an itinerary that’s suitable to maximize your time.

2. Pick a place. Any place
When creating your travel plan, be careful not to overload your days. You still need air to breathe and rest those poor little feet. It is a getaway after not, not The Amazing Race.

Many people make the mistake of trying to see everything in the place they’re visiting, but this is often impossible to do on a short trip. Scheduling too many activities in a day will only leave you rushing from one thing to the next. Now, where’s the fun in that?!

Decide what sights are the most important to you beforehand and make those the priority when you’re planning your trip. Make sure you give yourself ample time at each location, to fully capture the essence of the place.

3. Travel light
Us ladies usually have a habit of packing everything when we travel; hairdryer, straighter/curler, shampoo, sun block, moisturiser, the list is endless! It is advisable to travel light because excess luggage will only be a burden. This is especially true if you’re travelling by plane. But guys, if your girlfriends, wives or partners were to pack their whole closet for a 4D3N stay somewhere, just give in, be a gentleman and carry their luggage – unless the sofa is where you aim to sleep on for a few weeks… maybe even months. HAHA!

Bottom line is, limiting yourself to a carry-on suitcase will save a lot of hassle and lessens the worry about lost luggage. You can always wear an outfit more than once – we won’t tell if you don’t. Trust us, you’ll be glad for how light your luggage is when you’re able to easily bring it around.