Fighting nausea on and off board.

Fighting nausea on and off board.

Captain, we have problem!

Nausea, it’s no fun and has the potential to ruin an awesome day. It strikes for many reasons from dehydration, motion sickness, lack of sleep and even from too much sun (if there was ever such a thing as too much sun, pff). It ties our stomach in knots, twists our senses and leaves us feeling queasy and uneasy.

Some divers experience nausea in between dives, which can definitely put you off on the idea of another dive. While others experience it after a day of diving or travelling.

Whichever the case, we know how much of a downer nausea can be. An unwanted guest we want to kick out of our system as soon as possible. Here are a few tricks to keep the nausea at bay during and after a dive, we hope it helps!

Sweet smells and treats. To some, the smell of gasoline or exhaust from the boat is what kick starts the nausea during surface intervals. Distract yourself from this by smelling something sweet or citrusy by bring a balm or essential oil with you during a dive. Sweets are also quite effective for those who feel like vomiting.

Eat prior to dives. Diving can be quite physically demanding and if you’ve had nothing to eat prior to dives, it’s likely that you’ll feel tired or dizzy more easily. An empty stomach is also more prone to feeling irritated or uneasy. But we’re not asking you to storm the breakfast buffet, cause that’ll cause discomfort of its own. A light and easy breakfast is good to hold you until lunch, preferably a non greasy one.

Deep breaths. Emotions can run wild when things seem out of control, and when you’re out at sea on board an unfamiliar boat it’s most often the case that things are out of your control. Feeling anxious, panic or overwhelmed can make you feel nauseous or even make the nausea worse. If you start to feel anxious, try to relax and focus on your breathing. Take your attention away from the boat and look out to the sky or water and breathe.

Rest and rehydrate. If after a day of diving and being out in the sun, you feel heavy in the head, it’s time to put a pause on things and rest. A cool towel placed on your forehead or neck could offer some relief and drink plenty of fluids.