Curious Creatures: French Angel Fish, a love worth fighting for

Curious Creatures: French Angel Fish, a love worth fighting for

Always seen in pairs, the French Angel Fish is the equivalent of one of those couples we all know that are joined at the hip. You never see one without the other.

Commonly spotted in shallow rocky areas and near coral reefs at depths of 4-5 meters, pairs of French Angel fish do everything together. From foraging for food (sponges, algae, soft corals, tunicates, and others) to fighting. And we don’t mean fighting each other.

Like a true couple that are comfortable with their daily routines, they return home to the same shelter every night. And if by some surprise they find some other fish there, they are ready to fight. Extremely territorial, both fishes fight to defend their territory aggressively from neighbouring pairs and other fishes.

And when all the fighting is done, and home is secure. It’s time for some loving.

This species reproduces via broadcast spawning, where the female releases her eggs and the male releases his sperm simultaneously. This usually occurs from April through September.

It first begins with a little chase around the reef, a playful display of affection like in those Bollywood movies. Sometimes, other French Angel Fish may approach, perhaps hoping to start a swinging party, but they are chased away quickly because this pair only produce with their partner. Unlike some broadcast spawning species, the French Angel Fish do not form large aggregations to spawn. They reproduce only with their partner.

Ah, the French are always known for being romantics no?

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